Idaho Forests Growth vs Harvest

Trees in the Idaho forest are a natural re-source, like iron, copper or oil. We all use them in various forms of products every day.

There's only so much iron, copper and oil in the world. Once we've used them all, we'll have to find other materials to replace them. But when a tree is cut down, we can plant another or help Mother Nature grow one to take its place. Renewability makes the forest different than many other resources. In fact, wood is the only industrial raw material that is increasing its reserves each year.

Every year, over 18 million seedlings are hand-planted in the Idaho forest while Mother Nature plants millions more. Idaho law requires that every acre harvested must be refor-ested within five years by either natural regeneration or replanting. Since the 1950's Idaho's timber resources have increased each year. Properly managed, forests will last forever, while still supplying the wood products we all need.

It's a never ending cycle.

Idaho Forests Growth vs Harvest
(Million Cubic Feet)

Note: 1990 is most recent data available.

Idaho Forest Products Commission
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