Hazardous Substances
    Hazardous Substances

  • Know and comply with regulations governing the storage, handling, application (including licensing of applicators), and disposal of hazardous substances. (Refer to Idaho Pesticide Law, Tide 22, Chapter 34, Idaho Code).
  • Do not transport, handle, store, load, apply, or dispose of any hazardous substance or fertilizer in such a manner as to pollute water supplies or waterways, or damage or injure land, including humans, desirable plants, and animals.
  • Do not store, mix, or rinse hazardous substances or fertilizers in the Stream Protection Zone or where they might enter state waters.
  • Develop a contingency plan for hazardous substance spills, including cleanup procedures and notification of the Idaho Division of Environmental Quality.

  • Pesticides and Herbicides

  • Use an integrated approach to weed and pest control, including manual, biological, mechanical, preventative, and chemical means.
  • To prevent the entry of hazardous substances into surface waters:
    A. Chemical treatments within the streamside management zone shall be by hand and shall be applied only to specific targets. B. Leave a 25-foot buffer along surface waters when chemicals are being applied through ground application with power equipment. C. For aerial application, leave at least a 100-foot buffer along live water and do not spray in the SPZ. D. Always refer to chemical label instructions for additional guidance on use near water and required buffer zones.
  • To enhance effectiveness and prevent transport into streams, apply chemicals during appropriate weather conditions (generally calm and dry) and during the optimum time for control of the target pest or weed.

  • Improper storage and handling of oil products and fuel can be a water quality hazard. Locate facilities away from SPZ's. Be prepared to clean up spills.

    Improper disposal of oil or fuel can contaminate ground water and seep into streams.
    Dispose of containers, cartridges, filters, used oil, and other refuse responsibly. Leave a positive image after any forest activity. Leave a trash-free forest.

    Knowledge and use of biological controls in the forest will increase. Insect lures and pheromone traps (illustrated) are now ways to control pests.

    Whether applied by aircraft, power spray equipment, or 50 feet from stream bank backpack sprayer, chemical with fertilizer pesticides can be used safely around SPZ's when applicators comply with strict regulations.


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