Forest Health and Conditions Overview

  • 2015 Forest Health Highlights: Overall summary of insect and disease in Idaho in 2015  NEW
  • 2013 – 2027 National Insect and Disease Risk Map  NEW
  • 2012 National Insect and Disease Map Viewer  
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  • Information about Best Management Practices
  • A new 4-minute video about forest health issues and options from the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies on forests You Tube video
  • 2011 Forest Health Damage Detection Surveys for the U.S.
  • Research on bark beetle and fire interactions from the Fire Science Digest
  • Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team Factsheets
  • January 2012 Forest Service Report "Major Forest Insect & Disease Conditions in U.S. 2010 Update"
  • 2011 Aerial Detection Map (pdf, 391kb)
  • 2012 Douglas-fir Tussock Moth Pest Alert: Background on Tussock Moth & the outbreak through 2011 (pdf, 971kb)
  • Douglas-fir Tussock Moth outbreak Map: Current and Historic Areas of DFTM outbreaks N. Idaho (pdf, 1Mb)
  • 10year Mountain Pine Beetle Map (pdf, 4.0Mb)
  • 10year Western Spruce Budworm Map Spruce Budworm, Mountain Pine Beetle, and DFTM were the top three insects pest last year (pdf, 2.2Mb)
  • Reforestation Issue Brief (pdf, 2.1Mb)
  • Renewable Issue Brief (pdf, 1.4Mb)
  • Report for the 2012 Canada/U.S. Forest Health Summit (pdf, 1.3Mb)
  • CORRIM REPOT: Decision support for management identification of best forest treatments for life-cycle carbon offsets, fire reduction, and avoiding future costs
  • CORRIM REPORT: Forest Management Impacts on Carbon Pools in the Inland West
  • National Forest Health Monitoring
  • Noxious Weeds in Idaho 2012 presentation by Carol Randall, U.S. Forest Service Entomologist
  • Western Bark Beetle Strategy

  • Forest Health Critical Issues:
    The next critical issue in Western land management: The Health of Idaho's Forests

    Forest Health in the United States

    Forest Health Conditions in Idaho

    Douglas-fir Bark Beetle

    Other Forest Issues

    Forest History

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