Idaho Forest History

Giant white pines, steam engines, sawmills, flumes, wooden matchsticks, railroads, forest fires, mill fires, lumberjacks and lumber camps.

These are just a few parts of Idaho's colorful timber history. Timber helped build Idaho then...,
and it continues to do so now. Click on the links to explore many aspects of our forest history.

Did you find something cool out there that is forest related?  Share your find and let us know.

Forest History Student Reader

The Clearwater River Log Drives: A Photo Essay   (PDF)

University of Idaho 1924 "The Idaho Forester" publication   U of I, (pdf 240kb)

Flumes and Fluming in North Idaho   By Cort Sims, (PDF 874kb)

Logging in Bonner County

Overview Report: Idaho Panhandle Oral History Study   (PDF 376kb)

Idaho State Historical Society Museum of North Idaho

Clearwater Historical Museum

Priest Lake Museum

J. Howard Bradbury Memorial Logging Museum, Pierce, Idaho

Boundary County Museum

National Forests
1910 Fires

The Forest History Society


Idaho Forest Products Commission
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