Idaho Preferred® is a program of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture dedicated to identifying and promoting Idaho food and agriculture products. Members of Idaho Preferred are able to use the Idaho Preferred mark on their products. Legislative Rules identify the percentage of Idaho grown inputs (in our case trees) needed to constitute an "Idaho" product. Any Idaho business is able to join Idaho preferred and then use the mark on products that meet the criteria. The Idaho Preferred label is most useful in Idaho where a good deal of marketing has been done through television, radio, print and point of sale ads to promote the label.

In their words...Idaho Preferred® works with Idaho farmers, producers and food processors to get their products in the hands of Idaho consumers. They work with each company individually to determine the most effective marketing strategy and then assist participants in implementing the plan. They also provide access to retailers and assist in creating effective retail promotions. For companies who wish to sell to the foodservice industry, we provide opportunities to participate in distributor trade show, chef events and make direct contact with restaurants. To increase awareness of the Idaho Preferred® program and logo, we host an advertising campaign that includes radio, TV, print and website promotions. In short, Idaho Preferred® is a resource for retailers, restaurants, suppliers, and consumers alike. We assist our participants in meeting consumer's demands for local products and help consumers find the local products they seek.

Here's the language included in the Idaho Code to establish what is an "Idaho" wood product:
Section 010 Definitions.
Forest products include all products made of wood fiber such as timber, wood chips, sawdust or shavings including but not limited to lumber, paper, particleboard, fence or corral posts or rails, shingles, shakes, firewood or pellets, logs used in the construction of log homes or any other product sold commercially.

Section 200 Product Qualification.
Forest products. Forest products shall contain a minimum of 80% of their wood fiber content from trees grown in Idaho and shall be manufactured in Idaho.


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