To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsored a photo contest. The competition was open to all Idaho students in 5th - 12th grades. Students were asked to show us what they see when they Look To The Forest. Click here for more information about the Photo Contest

  When you Look to the Forest what do YOU see?
A special tree?
People working in forest-related jobs?
Beautiful scenery?
A fun playground?
A wood or paper product?
Wildlife that live in a forest?
Trees being planted?

Rebecca Blanscet

Caption:Where Angels Play
Student:Rebecca Blanscet
School:Parma High School
Teacher:Stephanie Windle
You don't have to wait until winter
To see where angels lay
You just have to look to the forest
Where the angels frolic every day
The needles float down,
The branches lightly sway,
Is it the wind or something equally enchanting?

Jenna Ditzel

Caption:Picture Frame
Student:Jenna Ditzel
School:Foothills School of Arts & Sciences, Boise
Teacher:Tara Kennedy
Statement:I chose this picture because it represents a picture of nature framed by a natural rock, and the trees make the picture.

Riley Prince

Caption:Icy Up Above
Student:Riley Prince
Statement:When I look up at trees,
I am amazed at the power of nature to survive.
Does the tree go on forever?
Will the icy frost of winter give way to the leafy greens of spring?


Caption:The Difference
Student:Gavriel Shapiro
School:Foothills School of Arts and Sciences
Teacher:Tara Kennedy
Statement:In picture it shows the opposite of what we see every day where every thing man made is sharp and clear in view but the man made steel bear is in the background and hard to see.

Caption:Black branches
Student:Alexandra Swerdloff
School:Foothills School of Arts and Sciences
Teacher:Tara Kennedy
Statement:There aren't any forests in Boise. So how do you "look to the forest?" I took a picture of a tree in my backyard-not a forest, but still a tribute to where it came from.

Caption:Sunset of light
Student:Jenna Ditzel
School:Foothills School of Arts and Sciences
Teacher:Tara Kennedy
Statement:I took this picture because the sunset was so beautiful I couldn't resist. It also reminds me of my favorite color purple.

Caption:Frosty Morning
Student:Hailey Russell
School:Grangeville Elementary Middle School
Teacher:Mr. Allen
Statement:The forest offers a variety of views and scenes, including these thistles that can be anoying sometimes but are pretty on a frosty morning!
Caption:"A Winter Dream"
Student:Marissa Vinson
School:Sandpoint High School, Sandpoint
Teacher:John Hastings
Statement:Taken in the Panhandle National Forest.

Caption:The Time of My Life
Student:Jessica Walton
School:Idaho Distance Education Academy, Boise
Teacher:Jennifer Brinson
Statement:I took this picture in 2009 when I was camping near John Day, Oregon. It was one of the best weekends of my life; I mean, just look at how gorgeous this lake is! It's one of my very favorite pictures ever - I hope you agree with me :) Nature is so incredibly beautiful, and I think this is a lovely tribute to forests.

Caption:Earthy Colors
Student:Jessica Walton
School:Idaho Distance Education Academy, Boise
Teacher:Jennifer Brinson
Statement:This is a pine tree in my aunt's backyard. I thought it was a beautiful color scheme, so I took a macro shot. The colors remind me of autumn, but this picture was taken this winter!

Caption:The Cry of a Tree
Student:Lalo Lema
School:Preston High School, Preston
Teacher:Cheryl Burgess
Statement:When I look to the Forest the first 3 words that come to my mind are nature, green, and purity. This photo represents a sensation of purity. Life is one of the most common things in a forest. When I look at this photo, I see life, even without evidence of birds or other animals. I believe the feeling of life may come from the colors or the water.

Caption:The Next Forest
Student:Austin Drake
School:Kuna High School
Teacher:Travis Edwards
Statement:With the correct management and public education the seeds in this pinecone will be the future."Look to the Forest" "The Next Forest"

Caption:Backyard Pine Tree
Student:Morgan Ackley
School:Caoital High School
Teacher:Ms. Francis
Statement:Looking around, many forest areas in Idaho are covered in pine trees. In my backyard, huddled in the very corner is a lonely Pine that dominates a quarter of the yard and provides much shade when it's warm.

Caption:Alpine firs framing the beautiful Chimney Rock
Student:Jenny Ooyen
School:Sandpoint High School
Teacher:John Hastings
Statement:I took this photo on the trail to Chimney Rock. I believe it relates to the theme "Look to the Forest", because the photo highlights the gorgeous landscapes revealed by the forest. I wanted to portray how the trees give way and reveal the rocky slopes and peaks like that of Chimney Rock. I love wandering through the Idaho forests to come upon places like this that appear seemingly by magic through the trees.

Caption:Blue Sky
Student:Aislynn Robertson
School:Sandpoint High School
Statement:When you look to the forest you see the simplest things come to serenity.

Caption:"Eternus maiestas"
Student:Zachary Gillenwater
School:Sandpoint Middle School, Sandpoint
Teacher:Deborah Mcshane
Statement:Eternus Maiestas is latin for "Eternal Greatness" This picture is representing the simple and everlasting beauty of nature.

Caption:Sunlit Trees
Student:Ashli Young
School:Donald J. Hobbs Middle School, Shelley
Teacher:Mr. Winston
Statement:I took this picture while hunting; I really liked how the sunset looked with the trees.

Caption:A Beautiful White Tree
Student:ashley blackburn
School:Jerome Middle School
Teacher:lori cottle
Statement:I look at this tree and what itís been through. Itís been there for my whole life. I watched it grow from a seed to a strong beautiful white tree. Itís a home to the birds that come to visit. Itís a shelter for baby birds when their moms gone.

Caption:A Remedy
Student:Trisha Brinkley
School:Kuna Middle School
Teacher:Katie Law
Statement:This photo represents looking to the forest in many ways. This picture shows the green grass and beautiful flowers. It shows the clear blue sky and the luscious green trees. All of these things are important in human's lives because they provide us with oxygen and nutrients. Looking at this picture provides you with a sense of calmness that is healing like a remedy.

Student:Daniel Squire
School:Jerome Middle School
Teacher:Lori Cottle
Statement:Even in the driest of deserts, the tallest of mountains, life rules the Earth. You see this tree, who against all odds, can rule the landscape, slowly making way for his brothers.

  A panel of judges selected First Place Winners for three grade categories and a Grand Prize winner as well as honorable mentions. Entries were judged on composition, technique and the use of light, overall impact and originality, as well as expression of the theme Look to the Forest. The caption and photographer's statement was also considered in the judging.

First Place winners of each category will receive : $50 cash and a tree from Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association to plant at their school or public area).
Grand Prize winner will receive a Digital camera, $50 cash award, and a tree from Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association to plant at their school or public area.

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