What's Made From Trees?

It's no wonder people have used wood products for centuries. Wood is durable, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

What would your life be like without wood? Things made from trees touch our lives every day. More than 5,000 products come from trees. And there are many uses for wood that may surprise you. Trees not only provide wood and paper, but other less obvious forest products such as chemicals and other materials that are impor- tant ingredients in plastic filler, varnishes, tooth- paste, shoe polish, foam rubber and much, much more. Tree bark is used for mulches, soil conditioners, medicines and cosmetics. Once a log reaches a mill, there is virtually no waste. The entire log is used to produce either lumber, paper, particleboard products or energy.

Nationally, forest product companies are one of the most efficient of all manufacturing industries because they use sawdust and other wood waste to furnish up to 75% of their energy needs.


Idaho Forest Products Commission
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