National Forest Products Week
October 20-26, 2013

National Forest Products Week is a time to recognize the many products that come from our forests, the people who work in and manage our forests, the people who make the products, and how they all contribute to our lives. Here are some links to interesting websites about forest products.

Amazing Stuff from Trees
  • The Making of Pulp  New Video
  • Paperboard Mill   New Video
  • Tissue Mill   New Video
  • TAPPI: Common & Uncommon Paper Products
  • Stuff We Get from Trees
  • How Paper is Made
  • Check here for simple explanations of how we get building materials, chemicals, paper, and much more from trees
  • Extensive list of products made from wood   
  • Eaten Any Wood today?
  • From the Woods: Incredible Wood
  • See How Veneer is Made
  • Non-Wood Forest Products from Temperate Broad-Leaved Trees (Find information about products from leaves, flowers, oils, sap, resins, gums, corks, tannins, dyes, nuts, mushrooms, insects and other foods.)

  • Forest Products & Education Links
  • reTHINK WOOD - all about the use of wood in buildings.
  • Forest Products in Idaho
  • Idaho Wood Products Directory
  • Forest Products Companies Directory Newly Updated
  • Fun with Paper and Forest Products (Don't miss "Fun Toilet Paper Facts"!)
  • Forest Products Laboratory
  • Wood Magic Show (Kids' section, Take time to explore this one. There’s lots to see and do!)
  • BIG Word Search puzzle - Chemicals and Products from Trees
    A fun new video from the Danish Wood Institute
  • If a Tree Falls in the Forest... (Activity from National Geographic)
  • Downloadable PDF brochures from Georgia Pacific, with teacher guides Titles available: Mammals and Forests, Energy, The Right Chemistry, People and Trees, Water and Forests, Paper Recycling, A Forest Is..., Birds and Forests, From the Forest, and The Forester's Job.
  • Have You Thanked a Tree? (Activity from "Forests of Washington" curriculum supplement.)
  • Fun Info about Paper - including Games and Puzzles
  • Tree Products Scavenger Hunt 6-8 (Lots of other tree & forestry activities are here, too!)
  • Behind the Scenes: Forest and Forest Product Research (from the Forest History Society)
  • Fueling the Fires of Industrialization (from the Forest History Society)
  • Living in a Global Forest (from the Forest History Society)
  • What’s Really in Paper Besides Wood? (from the Mineral Information Institute)
  • Test Your Environmental IQ!
  • Forests are the Future By W. Henson Moore


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