National Forest Products Week

"National Forest Products Week is October 20-26, 2013.  
  It's a great time to celebrate all the things we use and enjoy that come from trees!"

"Forests Are the Future"

By W. Henson Moore
President & CEO, American Forest & Paper Association

Trees are the source of infinite means in our daily lives. They provide shelter for wildlife, aesthetics for the eye, oxygen for the air, comfort for the mind -- and renewable material for the thousands of products Americans use daily.

If you were to close your eyes for a moment and reflect on the many ways paper and wood influence your life, you probably would be surprised. Did you read the paper today, or a book or a magazine? Did you wash your face or brush your teeth? Did you sit down in a chair at a table or a desk? Did you drink a cup of coffee or pour a bowl of cereal? Read a letter? Write one?

While you may have done all of those things before 9:00 in the morning, you probably took each of them for granted. We all do -- everyday.

But now close your eyes for a moment and imagine your world without books or letters or pictures or paintings. Think about life without pencils or paper or wooden floors and wooden doors. No newspapers, or shoeboxes, or egg cartons. No menus, no music, no park benches and picnic tables. No photographs, no coffee cups, no postcards or packages. No classrooms, or living rooms, or bedrooms, or bathrooms - and no toilet paper.

Without forest products, your children have no boxes for their crayons and cough medicines, Band-Aids or baseballs. They have no history books, no maps, no fine paintings or piano lessons. No basketball games or gymnasiums, no bleachers or baseball bats. No cafeterias or chocolate milk, no Christmas trees or comic books.

Indeed, we all take our forest products for granted because they are so readily available and are such an integrated part of our lives. But if they were to disappear, the life we know would change forever.

Thanks to responsible forest practices like protecting water and wildlife when timber is harvested and replanting trees, forests and wood products will be part of our future.

Each year, the third week of October is designated as National Forest Products Week (NFPW). Set aside by Congress in 1960, NFPW is a time to appreciate and recognize all the ways wood products touch our lives. Think about it. How many times has a tree touched your life today?


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