Idaho's "Timberlands"

Almost 80% (17.6 million acres) of the forested land in Idaho is classified as "timberland."

By definitiuon, timberland is a forested area that can grow generation after generation of healthy trees, and one that has not been placed in a reserve such as a national park or wilderness area in which timber harvesting is not allowed.

The U. S. Forest Service manages 13 national forests which lie completely or partially within the state and include 73%, or 12.8 million acres, of Idaho's timberlands. The rest of Idaho's timberlands are divided between public and private ownership.

The State of Idaho and other public agencies own 9% or 1.6 million acres, forest products companies own 7% or 1.2 million acres, and the remaining 11%, 2 million acres, is owned by ranchers, farmers, tribes and other landowners.


Idaho Forest Products Commission
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