To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsored a photo contest. The competition was open to all Idaho students in 5th - 12th grades. Students were asked to show us what they see when they Look To The Forest. These are the results for 2013!

Isabelle DeVries

Student:Isabelle DeVries
School:Midvale Jr. and Sr. High School
Teacher:Vickie Warren
I look to the trees for safety and comfort. In the picture it looks like
the pretty pine cone is hiding from the freezing cold while its blanket
of frosty needles shields it from the harsh elements.
Whenever Im surrounded by the forest I feel protected.

Christopher Bridgewater

Caption:Life on the Edge of the Forest
Student:Christopher Bridgewater
School:Garfield Elementary, Boise
Teacher:Sonia Galaviz
Statement:When you look at the forest it seems overwhelmingly large. Therefore, it is important to notice the beauty and detail of an individual tree.

Audrey Kujawa

Caption:New Soul
Student:Audrey Kujawa
School:Timberline High school
Statement:look at the detail on the bark of the tree. so bold, strong, and thick reaching out to the sky growing taller and taller every day.



Brayden Allman

Caption:Along The Greenbelt
Student:Brayden Allman
School:Mountain View Elementary School, Boise
Teacher:Jennifer Jarvis
Statement:I took this picture because it makes me think of all the beautiful trees in nature. I decided to pick this picture out of all the pictures I took because it makes me feel like we need to keep our trees green forever. GO GREEN AND STAY GREEN AND NEVER STOP.
Trisha Brinkley

Caption:New Beginnings
Student:Trisha Brinkley
School:Kuna Middle School
Teacher:Heather Waldal
Statement:This photo is of a developing pinecone. The image relates to new beginnings of forestry and nature. New beginnings in the forest are important because they provide us with the clean air we breathe and also many everyday products. If there wasn't any new growth in the forest, then there wouldn't be any new developments in life.
Aaron G Crossingham

Caption:The Blaze
Student:Aaron G Crossingham
School:Sandpoint High School
Teacher:John Hastings
Statement:I gaze into the blazing sun
As it peeks through the bare trees
It radiates and transcends onto the cold dewy ground
Trees soak up the light and scratch the sky
The world slowly arouses from its deep somnolent sleep
Song birds sing their melodious harmonies
From the sun the world becomes life
Siara Prpich

Caption:Dramatic Skies
Student:Siara Prpich
School:Lakes Magnet Middle School, Couer d' Alene
Teacher:Stacey Doerr
Statement:Once youve walked through the forest and seen the woods, next you have to look to the sky
Trisha Brinkley 2

Student:Trisha Brinkley 2
School:Kuna Middle School
Teacher:Heather Waldal
Statement:This photo represents the freshness that the forest provides for us. The trees are so important to the environment because it provides us with the clean air, water, shelter, and other resources we need. An increase in the amount of trees in our forest would result in a healthier environment for all of us.
Emily Dannenhauer

Caption:Rising Towers
Student:Emily Dannenhauer
School:Hagerman Jr/Sr High School
Teacher:Leslie Priebe
Statement:Autumn in the woods of Sun Valley.
Reed Spurling

Student:Reed Spurling
School:St. Mary's School, Moscow
Teacher:Chris Lohrmann
Statement:I think it is great how the forest is not wasteful. The mulch from this stump is fertilizing the other trees growing there. Also, I'm sure that the ants love it!
Mila Chavez

Caption:Trees come apon many uses
Student:Mila Chavez
School:Jerome Middle School
Teacher:Lori Cottle
Statement:Every tree has a use. In Idaho we have all kinds of trees and with these trees we make all sort of stuff, both indoors and outdoors.
Jayne Nielsen

Caption:River of Life
Student:Jayne Nielsen
School:Borah Senior High School
Teacher:Michelle Harmon
Statement:This is the essence of the forest: blue skies, lush and rich trees with a creek perfectly placed, that gives life to trees, plants, and animals. Silver Creek is quintessentially picturesque. I was awed by the beauty of the forest. That is what it means to look to the forest.


Natalie Cortez

Caption:Forest In Hiding
Student:Natalie Cortez
School:Jerome Middle School
Teacher:Lori Cottle
Statement:Trees surround us everywhere, just look around you. From a sheet of paper, to a new book, then wooden tables in dining rooms, forests are a huge part of our lives, especially in Idaho. Well never be able to escape this beautiful sight, but then again who would want to?
Jamie Newsome

Caption:Fall Phoenix
Student:Jamie Newsome
School:Moscow High School
Teacher:Lee Ann Eareckson
Statement:While walking home from school on a lovely fall day, I was awestruck by the beauty around me. There is a certain hope in seeing the leaves of this year's fall, looking forward to the new, young life that will follow in the hardy maple saplings.


Sarah Daman

Caption:Bridge To The Past
Student:Sarah Daman
School:Lakeside Middle School, Plummer
Teacher:Jennifer Hall
Statement:The peaceful but eerie bridge of an old fallen tree may just take you back in time. Back in time when the deer and all sorts of wild animals ran rampant throughout the forest. A time when it was all so peaceful, as most forests are.
Sarah Ridgway

Caption:A Peek Through the Shadows
Student:Sarah Ridgway
School:Idaho Virtual Academy, Meridian
Teacher:Carolyn Ridgway (Mentor)
Statement:Though life may seem dark and shadowy at times, there will always be a bright spot to be found.


Jada Haney

Caption:Folded In Your Love
Student:Jada Haney
School:East Junior High, Boise
Teacher:Jeannine Hall
Statement:The sun set
I think of you
The one I have met
Who knew you were it
The only thing that made me fit
You hold me in your arms
You fold me in your love
When I look up I see your leaves
And think what a beautiful tree
Kirsten Robinson

Caption:Break through The Barrier
Student:Kirsten Robinson
School:East Jr. High School, Boise
Teacher:Jeannine Hall
Statement:As I look to the forest I watch the gallant and symbolic eagle wrap its bright and strong talons around the branch supporting its precious life. As the eagle finds its courage to fly, it breaks through the barriers of the many branches and begins life among the forest.


Bryan Roberts 2

Student:Bryan Roberts 2
School:East Junior High School, Boise
Teacher:Jeannine Hall
Statement:When i look to the forest i see the weather affecting a perfect world and somehow making it better.
Tori Skiles

Student:Tori Skiles
School:Timberline High School, Weippe
Teacher:Robyn Bonner
Statement:I took this picture while driving down a dirt road along the North Fork. I loved the way the water came down and everything else around it. I decided I would take a picture so I could look at it whenever I want, and remember how beautiful the North Fork is.


Avery Stansberry

Caption:Moose Creek at Twilight
Student:Avery Stansberry
School:Upper Carmen Charter School
Teacher:Tom Mentzer
Statement:The trees framed this picture beautifully. I had to run and get my camera before I missed it. It seemed to be changing every second. This picture was taken at our school's reading camp location near Moose Creek on the Salmon-Challis Forest.
Joel Smith

Caption:Lingering Shadows
Student:Joel Smith
School:Gold Hill Academy, Sagle
Teacher:John Hastings
Statement:This photo has the feeling of looking forward and up, causing a sensation of hope for the future and gratefulness for the present, for our forests and for ourselves.


Gabe Strain

Caption:Mysterious Night
Student:Gabe Strain
School:Jerome Middle School
Teacher:Lori Cottle
Statement:When I stopped on Yahoo trail at Pomerelle Ski Resort to take a few pictures, I noticed a very mysterious scene. I looked up and saw that the full moon outside had just pierced through the wispy clouds illuminating the beautiful forest.
Annica Woolley

Caption:Pearl Drop
Student:Annica Woolley
School:Moscow High School
Teacher:Jason Huff
Statement:In our lives there are so many precious moments that we fail to seize. This photo captures the fleeting moment of a drop lingering on the branch of an Evergreen tree.

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