Reforestation & Genetics

Over 18 million new trees are being hand-planted in Idaho every year. That's 18 trees for every man, woman, and child in the state. And Mother Nature seeds millions more. Replanting or ensuring natural reseeding assures that every acre harvested will grow back for posterity.

Planting Improved Varieties of Trees

Areas that are harvested or damaged by fire, insects, and disease often are replanted with seedlings genetically more tolerant to drought, more resistant to disease, and faster growing.

"Tree Planters' Notes"

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  • Robert J. Moulton's Tree Planting in the United States- 1997, now included in the USD's Tree Planters' Notes, is the annual report summarizing tree planting, timber stand improvement, and nursery production activities for the entire range of forestland ownership in the United States.
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    Tree Planting in Idaho - 1998
    Source - Tree Planters Notes, U,S,F.S., S&PF Report
    V 49(2):23-36, Date: 2000

    Tree Planting in Idaho - 1997
    Source - Tree Planters Notes, U,S,F.S., S&PF Report
    Volume 49, #1, 1999

  • Total acreage of tree planting, including seeding, by ownership category
    (October 1, 1996 - September 30, 1997)
    Federal Non-federal public Private Total acres planted
    20,347 3,533 9,758 33,638

  • Acreage of timber stand improvement by ownership category
    (October 1, 1996 - September 30, 1997)
    Non-industrial private Forest & other industry Non-federal public National Forest System Other Federal Total
    2,215 13,313 2,055 21,503 454 39,540

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