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Idaho Forest Owners

In addition to public and industry owned forestland, there are 30,000 individuals who own 2 million acres of commercial forestland in Idaho. They are called Non-industrial Private Forest (NIPF) landowners and they are important. Their ownership is twice the acreage owned by industrial timber companies. The application Of BMP's on NIPF lands is just as important as on other forest ownerships.

To find out how BMP's are being applied, NIPF lands, along with industry and public lands, have been audited since 1985. Small teams of experts visited randomly selected timber harvests to determine whether BMP's were being applied and how effective they were at protecting water quality. IDL Forest Practice advisors also conduct forest practice inspections.

Results of those audits indicate that NIPF land-owners generally have more departures fro BMP's than found on other ownerships. Some of the most common problems include: inadequate Stream Protection Zones (SPZ's); inadequately sized culverts; inadequate road surface drainage; ditches and culverts that don't work; lack of road grading for drainage; and poor skid trail drainage.
NIPF Landowners play a major role in protecting water quality. Plan your forest activities to include BMP's.

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