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Planning, Design, and Location

  • Plan road standards and specifications that maintain forest productivity, water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Road specifications and plans should be consistent with good safety practices. Plan each road to the minimum standards for the intended use. Adapt the plans to the soil materials and terrain, to minimize disturbance and damages to forest productivity, water quality, and wildlife habitat.
  • Plan transportation networks to minimize road construction within stream protection areas. Leave or re-establish areas of vegetation between roads and streams.
  • Plan roads no wider than necessary for safety and anticipated use. Minimize and balance cuts and fills, especially near streams. Fit the road to the natural terrain as closely as possible.
  • Plan to dispose of excavated waste material on geologically stable sites.
  • Plan natural road cross-drainage by insloping or outsloping and by grade changes. Plan for effective, well-placed dips or water bars.
  • Design relief culverts or roadside ditches where natural drainage will not protect the road surface, excavation, or embankment. Plan culvert locations to prevent fill erosion or direct discharge of sediment into streams.
  • Plan minimum number of stream crossings. Make sure they comply with Stream Channel Alteration Law, Title 42; Chapter 38, Idaho Code. Be sure all Class I stream culvert installations allow fish passage.
  • Consider reusing existing roads if new construction would result in more long-term impact to fish and wildlife.
A road system has been designated on the topographic map below for the forested area shown In this photo. The area consists of mixed ownership, and has some existing roads.

To comply with BMP's and minimize the number of roads, landowners were contacted during road planning. Mutual agreement among all affected Landowners resulted In the road location indicated on the topographic map and plotted on the photo of the area. On-the-ground problems that Influenced road location are pointed out.

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