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  • Maintain erosion control features through periodic inspection and maintenance, including cleaning dips and crossdrains, repairing ditches, marking culvert inlets to aid in location, and clearing debris from culverts.
  • Avoid using roads during wet periods if such use would likely damage the road drainage features.
Road grading precautions:
  • Grade road surfaces only as often as necessary to maintain a stable running surface and to retain the original surface drainage.
  • Avoid cutting the toe of cut slopes when grading roads or pulling ditches.
  • Place all excess material removed by maintenance operations in safe disposal sites and stabilize these sites to prevent erosion. Avoid locations where erosion will carry materials into a stream.
Road surfaces usually have a crown or slope (Inslope or outslope). Vehicle traffic and freezing and thawing can damage road surfaces and reduce drainage effectiveness.

Grading repairs the drainage, by smoothing surface ruts and potholes. However, avoid grading sections of road that don't need it. It creates a source of sediment from the newly disturbed surface. Raise the blade where grading is not needed!

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