Forest Coverage Map


Forests cover 41% of Idaho's 85,557 square mile area.

It's been that way for more than 300 years.

In fact 89.6 percent of the land in Idaho that was covered by forest in 1630 is still forestland today.

How Big is the Idaho Forest?
  • Forest Coverage Map
  • Forest Coverage Comparison

    Who Owns the Idaho Forest?

  • All Forestlands
  • Timberlands
  • A Land of Few Roads

    Harvest, Growth & Reforestation

  • A Sustainable Resource
  • Who Harvests the Forest ?
  • Harvest vs Inventory by Ownership
  • Forest Growth vs Harvest


  • Employment in Idaho's Forest Products Industry

    Tree Species

  • Area of Forestland by Tree Species
  • Species Distribution Map

    Forest Products

  • What We Make
  • Respecting the Resource


  • Energy Required to Extract, Manufacture, and Transport Commodities
  • Wood as an Industrial Raw Material
  • Paper Recycling

    Consumption of Forest Products

  • Idaho Wood Products Destination (1990)
  • Softwood Timber Consumption in the U.S.
  • How Much Wood Goes Into A House?

    Forestry's Contribution to Idaho's Economy

  • Percentage of Labor Income & Total Employment
  • Revenue for Schools
  • Value of Timber Sales From State Lands
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