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Timber Harvesting

Winter Road and Drainage Considerations

  • For road systems across areas of poor foundation, consider hauling only during frozen periods.
  • During cold weather, plow any snow cover off 'of the roadway to facilitate deep freezing of the road grade before hauling.
  • Use compacted snow for road beds in unroaded, wet, or sensitive sites. Construct snow roads for single-entry harvests or for temporary roads.
  • After completion of snow road use, restore stream crossings to near pre-road conditions to prevent ice dams. Do not use the stream channel for the roadway except for crossings.
  • Be prepared to suspend operations if conditions change rapidly and when the erosion hazard becomes high.
  • When plowing snow for winter timber harvest, provide breaks in snow berm to allow road drainage.

  • This is a poor job of restoring a temporary snow road stream crossing. This work should be completed before stream flows begin. In addition to the streambed, it appears that stream bank and SPZ damage is occurring.

    To provide a winter road grade capable of heavy hauling, always remove snow cover. Deep-frozen road surfaces have tremendous strength. Don't let snow cover insulate and weaken the road plow during cold weather.

    Road surfaces deteriorate rapidly under heavy hauling and thawing temperatures. This road surface is starting to break up. Hauling should be suspended, or limited to colder portions of the day.
    Snow berm breaks allow for spring drainage without damaging the road surface.

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