Sustainable Forestry Tour
For Teachers & Counselors

June 26-30, 2017. Post Falls, Idaho

On-the-ground tours are perhaps the best way to demonstrate how forests work and show the dynamics of the forest products industry.

Proven Success!

  • Built on a foundation of 20+ years of high quality, effective programs.
  • Specifically designed for teachers and school counselors.
  • Participants reach thousands of students.
  • Makes a real difference in what educators know, and what they share with their students.

We need your help!

Sponsor. Join other forest-related businesses, organizations and agencies in sponsoring the tour. Participant sponsorships are $500 each and help cover transportation, hotel and materials. Meal and general sponsorships are also available at a variety of levels to accommodate any budget.

Outreach. Encourage school counselors and teachers to apply online by March 31 at www.idahoforests.org/tour.htm. Over 100 highly-motivated top-notch educators apply for 43 spots each year. Criteria: 3rd-12th grades, especially sciences, math, language arts, social studies, agriculture, natural resources, STEM, engineering, mechanics, careers.

We all need and use wood products • Sustainable forestry integrates social, economic, and ecological needs $ Forests are dynamic and constantly changing • There are many different forest owners, each with their own objectives • Regulations exist to protect water, air, soil, fish and wildlife • We can meet material needs while protecting forest ecosystems • Regulations exist to protect water, air, soil, fish and wildlife • Wood is an environmentally sound building material • The highest technology is employed in the woods and mills • The forest products sector is rich in career opportunities, especially for innovative forward-thinking people! Educators have a special responsibility.

Help sponsor this valuable educational experience! This intensive, high quality program can only happen with support from a variety of businesses, agencies and organizations. We welcome a wide range of sponsorship levels.Call Betty at 208-334-3292 or complete the form below or complete the printable form and return it to the address below. IFPC will invoice sponsors prior to the tour. (See FAQ for more detail).

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