PLT Idaho Workshop Descriptions

All PLT workshops have proven activities that help you accomplish curricular goals in meaningful ways

Professional education credit (for recertification) is available unless noted. Each title is provided for a separate credit.

  • Virtual PLT workshops: Self-paced 1-credit (each) online trainings: PreK-2nd Grades, K-8th Grades, 6th-12th grades. Each workshop features a menu of proven standards-aligned PLT materials. Very adaptable to individual needs.
  • Learn and Teach About Idaho Natural Resources: Self-paced 1-credit online training offered jointly by Idaho PLT, Agriculture in the Classroom and Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission.
  • Hot Topics – Fire: In person 1-credit workshop focusing on fire and related “hot” topics such as invasive species and climate. Get tools for teaching about these intriguing controversial issues with PLT’s “how to think, not what to think” approach. Offered jointly by Idaho PLT and Boise State University.
  • Climate LIteracy: In person 1-credit workshop. Engage your students in understanding how and why the climate of Earth is changing and what can be done about it. Receive training and award-winning materials from Project Learning Tree, Project WET and Boise State University.
  • Focus on Early Childhood: In person 1-credit workshop. Activities integrate nature-based exploration, art, literature, math, music and movement, and outdoor play into early childhood education programs. We offer Idaho STARS hours in addition to university credit.
  • Three Cheers for Trees: In person short version of the Focus on Early Childhood workshop, designed for daycare and preschool providers. 4 Idaho STARS hours are provided, but no university credit.
  • Focus on Literacy: Integrate elementary children’s literature with Project Learning Tree activities. You’ll leave with a multi-disciplinary teaching unit that you create during the class. We offer Idaho STARS hours in addition to university credit.
  • Engaging Elementary: Focuses on trees, forests and ecology, and on using PLT environmental education activities to accomplish a variety of curricular goals. We offer Idaho STARS hours in addition to university credit.
  • Focus on STEM. Investigate Idaho’s trees, forests and forest products in a Science-Technology-Engineering-Math context. Don’t worry – Arts and other subjects are also addressed, naturally! We offer Idaho STARS hours in addition to university credit.
  • Walk in the Forest: Get out in the forest to learn about ecology, land ownerships and mandates, how and why forests are managed, and how to help students learn outside. Connect with local foresters and other professionals.
  • Talk Trash: Explore where stuff comes from, where it ends up, and what happens to it inbetween. Topics: Renewable and nonrenewable resources, papermaking, recycling, compost, landfills, energy and more.
  • TRAINING DESIGNED BY YOU: We are happy to provide inservice or other trainings for individual schools, districts, youth groups, camps, etc. We will work with you to tailor the training to your specific needs.

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