Sustainable Forestry Tour Sponsorship Information

June 22-26, 2020, Post Falls, Idaho


On-the-ground tours are perhaps the best way to demonstrate how forests work and show the dynamics of the forest products industry.

Proven Success!

  • Built on a foundation of 25 years of high quality, effective programs.
  • Specifically designed for teachers and school counselors.
  • Participants reach thousands of students.
  • Makes a real difference in what educators know, and what they share with their students.

We need your help!

Sponsor. Join other forest-related businesses, organizations and agencies in sponsoring the tour. Participant sponsorships are $500 each and help cover transportation, hotel and materials. Meal and general sponsorships are also available at a variety of levels to accommodate any budget.

Outreach. Encourage school counselors and teachers to apply online by March 31 at Over 100 highly-motivated top-notch educators apply for 43 spots each year. Criteria: 3rd-12th grades, especially sciences, math, language arts, social studies, agriculture, natural resources, STEM, engineering, mechanics, careers.




We all need and use wood products • Sustainable forestry integrates social, economic, and ecological needs $ Forests are dynamic and constantly changing • There are many different forest owners, each with their own objectives • Regulations exist to protect water, air, soil, fish and wildlife • We can meet material needs while protecting forest ecosystems • Regulations exist to protect water, air, soil, fish and wildlife • Wood is an environmentally sound building material • The highest technology is employed in the woods and mills • The forest products sector is rich in career opportunities, especially for innovative forward-thinking people! Educators have a special responsibility.



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