The forest products industry is a thriving economic force in Idaho

Idaho forests create healthy communities and economies

Idaho’s forest products industry is one of the most significant in the nation in relation to the size of Idaho’s total state economy. Idaho’s wood and paper industries account for nearly one-fifth of all the labor income generated in the state and more than one-tenth of the state’s total employment.


In this section, learn about the economic impact of the forest industry in Idaho, how important employment in the forest industry to the state, how endowment lands fund public schools and learn more about economic benefits of our forest.

FOREST FACT:  In 2020, the average worker earnings in the forest products industry were more than $55,000 annually.

FOREST FACT: Since 1951, timber harvested from Idaho’s “endowment” forests have provided more than $1 billion to public schools and institutions.

FOREST FACT: For each million board feet of timber harvested and processed in the state 22 jobs (12 in the forest products industry plus 10 indirect or induced jobs in supporting industries) are supported.


Click here to read a report from the University of Idaho about the economic impact of Idaho’s forest industry.