Forest management and timber harvesting have changed dramatically

Forest management and timber harvest in Idaho is a mixture of art and science.

Forest management is a simple term for a complex array of activities and experiences that allow landowners to meet specified goals and objectives while maintaining the productivity of their forestland. Some owners manage their forests for forest products while others manage for multiple uses such as wildlife habitat, scenic views and recreation. Whatever the objective, all forest owners must comply with state and federal environmental laws that protect forest resources.  With good stewardship practices and the incredible advances in technology, Idaho forests can be sustainably managed to meet environmental, economic and social needs for today and generations to come.


FOREST FACT:  Currently, timber harvest is not allowed on 70% of Idaho’s national forest lands and only 31% of national forests in Idaho are open to active management.

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In this section, learn about forest management and its processes, where and when and how timber is harvested and reforestation and renewal plus more links and resources that dig deeper about forest management.