Laws protect Idaho Forests

A dynamic process that protects human and forest health

The people who work in Idaho’s woods understand the importance of protecting forests for the future. They are committed to harvesting in an environmentally responsible manner.  Federal and state laws that protect human health and the environment, such as the federal Clean Water Act and the Idaho Forest Practices Act, set strict rules for forest management and timber harvest.  The laws, combined with good stewardship, ensure that water quality and wildlife habitat are protected and Idaho forests are restored after harvest.


In this section, learn about the Idaho Forest Practices Act, federal laws designed to protect human health and the forest environment, voluntary forest certification programs and find more resources and links about laws that protect our forests.

FOREST FACT: When trees are harvested millions of trees are hand planted while nature plants millions more.  Idaho law requires that all harvested areas are replanted and that the trees survive and grow.

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