Meet My Friend, Tree

Tim Burr with a tree

Meet my friend, Tree (Mr. Tree in formal settings). Now Tree isn’t one to brag. He’s more of a strong, silent type. In fact, with all that standing around in the woods, some folks might think he’s kind of lazy. Truth is, Tree and all his buddies are pretty much saving the world.

See, carbon levels are increasing every year, and the more carbon in the air, the more heat and radiation gets trapped in the atmosphere. But then along come the trees. Without even lifting a single limb, they pull tons of carbon out of the air every day. Some people like to call it carbon sequestration. I like to call it, pretty dang cool, because that’s what it is. Trees “inhale” the carbon dioxide (CO2) and when they “exhale” – we get oxygen. It’s a total win-win. Even wood products like lumber and furniture will hang onto that cruddy carbon with a Kung Fu death grip, long after they’ve left the forest. Now that’s some serious work ethic.

It’s all kind of a balancing act. So what can we do to keep our air clean and carbon out of the air?

  1. Keep the Forests. Parking lots don’t breathe in carbon. Healthy, growing forests do.
  2. Take Care of the Forest. Forests are a renewable resource. Management makes them sustainable and helps prevent catastrophic wildfires that can produce, yep, more carbon.
  3. Choose wood products. Manufacturing takes less water and energy and unlike plastic or metal it’s a sustainable resource, when the forest is managed, of course. Don’t forget, wood products store carbon…sometimes for years and years.

So next time you’re in the forest and you see a tree, let them know how much you appreciate what they’re doing. Give them a hug if you like. I prefer a handshake until I get to know them better. High fives and “bumps” are cool too. Your call.