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Grades 5 - 6

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Hangin' Around

When I look to the forest, I see family. Families have to work together and provide for each other. They multiply, and soar the skies.
To me, the forest is about families.


3 Peas in a Pod

When I look to the forest, I see family. Families have to work together and provide for each other. They multiply, and soar the skies. To me, the forest is about families.


Glorious Mountain

This photo has trees, mountains, and snow all of those things make me think of a Forest.


A Special Day for the Sprouts

In the cold of winter I went searching for the perfect photo. I live very close to this wonderful sight, in the snowy mountains of banks. The photo shows how I can be so close to something and not know it's there until I search for it.


Colorado blue spruce

This picture was taken as I was walking outside at Hawthorne Elementary. The Colorado Blue Spruce is a beautiful tree this is just the branch from it but it reminded me of the wonderful pine trees up at Bogus Basin.


The Golden fuzz, The Hope Plant

The beautiful golden fuzz has this feeling that fills you with hope and delight. With being in the forest just makes it that much better.



I wish someone would plant a tree right next to me because each day I see kids run around with their friends and I wish that was me.


Spiral Tree

Every time that I look at a spiral in a tree it always makes me hypnotized and I just stand there and look at it for a long time. I tell myself that nature is beautiful and I wonder why some people do not see that .


Front Yard Beauty

When I go outside and smell the fresh air, I appreciate how beautiful nature is. Even though I took this picture in my front yard, it brings out the beauty and creativity in the world.


Crystal Tree

I went up close to the tree and saw something amazing it wasn't sunny out but I saw what I thought was a crystal in a hole in the bark. It was shining bright so I made a shadow and snapped a pic.


Beautiful Birch Tree

I went tubing up in McCall and right before we left I saw this tree and new right in that moment that I had to take the picture. When I look to the forest I think of trees. And I think of beautiful trees and this picture is just that.


Great Blue Sky

This picture was taken looking over a roof and I thought that this picture was pretty because you can see the snow, a tree, and the sky. My favorite part of this picture is the sky and the clouds because they look really pretty with the tree.


Dead tree

I took this picture because it was a dead tree with a ton of other green trees and it just stood out to me. It was on a hill above town and it was the perfect moment and the perfect picture. It is a great and perfect picture to me.


Trees in the Forest

When I take a walk I always look at the trees. Then I thought Why don't I take a picture of them and sure enough they where beautiful as always.


Geese walking on ice

My photo relates to the theme because the geese are a part of the forest. Along With the frozen lake.

Grades 7 - 8

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Be like snow; Beautiful and cold.

My photo related to the contest theme because, every tree makes a forest no matter how little it may be. Every tree is one of a kind, and you can never change that. Every tree is different and can never be the same. This makes all tree's special.


The Little Things

When I look to the forest, I can hear, smell and see the beauty that surrounds me. Every forest starts with the tiniest of trees, moss, and animals making up the gorgeous forest that we see today. The greatest things in life always start very small!


A Light in the Darkness

This photo represents the beauty of the forest by showing how the light and dark contrast to each other creating silhouettes that dance among the trees with a light glistening through in the middle of the darkness of the forest.


Down the River

If you take a few moments to immerse yourself in your surroundings at Warm River, you will notice newly growing trees, mingling in perfect harmony with old-growth forest.


Sunset Halo in the Forest

A halo around the Springtime sun, is a sure sign that each tree in the Caribou-Targhee forest is preparing to gain another year's growth ring. When you look to the forest, you will see that growth abounds in every direction!


The sun in flower form

I believe my photo relates to the contest theme, Look to the Forest. In the forest there are many plants including trees, grass, flowers, ect. I think this daffodil is a great representation of forests, because of its beauty and its sunlike coloring.



This tree has been in my backyard since I was born. There is another tree adjacent to it of the same type of tree. I’ve always thought of them as soulmates. I thought I would show the love in a picture.


Ida-home Pine

This piece of art represents Idaho through its nature. When I think of Idaho, I think home or the city of trees. That is why I took this photo of a pine tree in my yard. I feel this piece really shows the beauty of nature. It is simple but creative.


Nature's X-Ray

This tree was the closest thing I could get to wilderness when I was young; I remember being entranced by the sun's soft rays hitting the leaves as I took photos. I love/ed it especially because it reminded me of the forest and the wonder it holds.


Hanging Pine Cones

"Hanging Pine Cones" is a picture I took in hopes of depicting the beauty of the trees in the forest during the day. A lot of times we take the natural beauty of trees for granted, which is why we need to take time to observe and appreciate them.


Close to our heart.

Up the Coeur d'Alene River and through the forest, this is the place that we like to go. This secret fishing spot will always be a special place for my family. Idaho is full of many beautiful places to retreat to but going to the forest is the one ou


Color the Sun

When I look to the forest, my favorite thing to look for are the colors. Animals, the rising and setting sun, changing leaves, snow and flowers are some of the perfect color combinations you can see!


“Tree Tops”

Lots of mist, lots of trees


Pond Trees

When I look to the trees I see the wonders of life and thrill of adventure. I have fun remembering certain experiences from my childhood. Most certainly of all though, I see friends, providers, and protectors.


The Cold of the Creek

When I look to the forest I think of creeks running all around the forest with fish swimming around in circles nibbling at the bait.


Cloudy Day

When I look to the forest I see a cloudy beautiful blue sky filled with hopes and dreams. Forests are like roads, each of them can take us on a great adventure.


Water in the Canyon

When I look into the forest this is what I see. I see beauty staring back at me. I see the glistening snow on the mountains. I see a beautiful sunset shining on the river where memories are made and last, but not least I see no one in sight.


Blue Beauty

To me the forest means life. It means happiness and grace. Forests provide a life lesson for everyone. When times get tough and you burn out you can always grow, become stronger and more mature than ever. When I listen to the forest I keep growing.


Busy Branches

When I look to the forest I see large trees with branches that extend out like open arms ready to welcome you.



When I look to the forest I see vibrant colors. Colors that people could see if they look hard enough. I see plenty of green and blue. The life of the colors are showing how life could be nice and sunny if you think that way. I feel alive.


Waiting for spring to come

The tree this photograph is from is very special to me. It has been through a lot as I have grown up. I never quit marveling about how this tree always shows its magnificent beauty, along with all the other trees with special stories to tell.


Beauty in Nature

This photo reminds me of the topic "look to the forest" because photosynthesis is one of nature’s most beautiful stages, at least to me. I was going on a walk and saw these trees in shades of red and green, instantly I took a picture of one.


A Special Pine

When I look to the forest I see many pine trees. Not just any type of pine trees, special pine trees that make up the forest. I see crisp pine needles on the pine trees. I also see the green of the pine trees making up the color of the forest.


The Curved Sky

I was walking around my house with the cool breeze hitting my face, and the smell of pine trees. I was wandering around and saw this cool looking tree with the beautiful and colored sky. This scene caught my eye, rushing towards it, I took a photo.


There’s a Dream in Every Pine

When I look the the forest I see the white snow glowing off the sun. The smell of the pine was so refreshing. The white snow on the green pines made the best colors together.


Swing into Spring

When I look into the forest I smell the crisp air and see the misty air. Looking down the coarse you see the crisp snow and the snow on the trees. Breathe in the fresh clean air.


Natures Painting

People say "It lies in the eye the beholder”, I think it is when nature creates "beauties" for you to see. You can see beauty if you look to the forest. That is the most beautiful place. Nothing can compare the beauty of nature.


Into The Grass

When I look to the forest I see lots of plants all around me, but what I see the most is long tall grass. This photo shows that plants are beautiful in every way, even the smallest slip of grass can make the forest a beautiful place.


Beautiful Nature

Look outside and inhale the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful nature. Trees and the fresh air are what I like about the outside. In the fall you will see the leaves fall from this tree.


An Old Church

When a I look into the forest I see many forest hidden treasures, like the Church shown in this picture . Without exploring the forest many things are hidden, not to be found until someone takes an unexpected adventure.


Nature's Wonderland

When I looked to the forest I saw the beauty of nature in the winter. There are many trees in the snow by the river. Many animals homes are in forests along with mountains. The river is a pathway for many animals. Nature is an amazing part of life.


Mountains of Beauty

Look to the forest in the mountains. Mountains are beautiful. They have forests filled with natural resources. Each winter, snow collects on trees. Spring comes and the snow melts. It flows down rivers and provides water for life.


WInter fun on mccall lake

I took this Photograph to capture winter at its best.This winter photograph proves how forceful mother nature can be. This is mccall lake frozen and covered in snow but has so much to offer to those who enjoy outdoor activities such as ice fishing.


Colorful Sunset

The Forest is one of the most beautiful views. I think this picture really demonstrates that. The sunset really made the view more beautiful. Nature is really beautiful and amazing.


Beautiful Trees

When I look at the forest I smell the fresh scent of pine trees they have a strong smell of cinnamon. When I see the forest I see birds flutter in the sky going to their nest. When I took this picture there was a sunset and trees surrounding the sun.


Peeking Through

When I look into the forest, I see beauty! I love being in nature, especially to capture its beauty. The trees taller than the sky. The sun barely peeking through to make this gorgeous picture! It’s always better when happiness shines through!


life's final breath

I took this picture at my school and just thought it was really nice to look at.


The Wild Life

The reason I picked this photograph is because every time I look into the forest I see nature and how unique it can be. This photograph is not something you see everyday and that is what makes it special. I took this while walking home.


The Forest Arrow

My family and I backpack to the Soldier Lakes. Every morning a beautiful sunrise would follow the awesome mountain air. I love this sunrise because the reflection of the lake and the shadow of the trees almost make a arrow on the lake and mountain.


Winter Wonderland

The title for my picture is Winter Wonderland. When I think of a winter wonderland this scene is definitely it. The beautiful trees drizzled with snow on top of my favorite Idaho mountain skiing in a Winter Wonderland.


Beautiful Sunset

When I look at this photo all I think about is everything that is going on outside. When I took this photo I could tell how much the clouds brighten up a sad and depressing tree, the clouds and the sun together are great ingredients.


Where The Road Won't Take You

In our society we think that there is a road to everything but sometimes you have to go off the path to see the most beautiful things or do something special. In life roads might not take you everywhere but you can take yourself anywhere you want.


Peace on a Farm

Sunset is the prettiest time of the day. A sunset on a farm is even prettier. How the sun sets just behind the trees and hills. It’s the last thing you see before night comes. It’s the most peaceful sight out of the whole day.


Beauty of the Trees

When I look to the forest I see many bright colors. When I step into the forest it makes me feel as if I’m being blown away by a beautiful angel. The smells are so peaceful, they are as if you had just bitten into a fresh piece of mint gum.


Defying Gravity

I took this picture in my own yard. It wasn’t hard because trees just sway, gently silent. It’s easy to take a picture of something that isn’t moving. However, to trap the soul of a tree, well that’s not possible. For it reaches out, defying gravity.


A Long Drive Home

When I look to the forest, I notice how pretty nature is. All of the trees are standing tall. The incredible scent of the fresh clean air. The snow is white as a marshmallow. The bright, gorgeous sun shining in your eyes, with the cotton candy sky.


This Flower is a Soul Ready to Fight for Survival in Nature

When I look to the forest I see beauty around every tree stump, beautiful green shades of plants, and all the natural creatures. When I walked up on this beautiful flower I thought of it tunneling down deep with her roots starting new life.


Beauty is right outside your door

When I look to the forest I think of the bushes dead or alive. With the sun shining bright through the leafs with water dripping off the leafs. I know my picture is the best but I just wanted to show that I can get a photo outside my door.


Winter Wonderland

When I look to the forest I see snow everywhere. It looks like a fluffy layer of cotton. I can also hear the ducks quacking and the birds traveling South for migration and breeding. I can see the smoke like breath coming out of the horse’s mouth.


It's a Good Good Life

I took a picture of the shadowed clearing, the sun radiating through the treetops, it reminded me of light at the end of a tunnel. Walking
towards the light, it tells you that through the bad days, it all ends in good days. It's a good good life.


The Branches of Life

The frost on the ground froze my feet as I captured this magnificent scene of the sun setting in front of a tree. I saw living branches looking up to the sky. Laying in the beautiful sunset like butterflies delicate wings in the moonlight.


Art of Nature

Looking at the reflection of tall trees blowing in the wind and blue skies shining in my eyes I thought about what the forest really means to me. When I look to the forest I see a different type of art, bright colors put together to make a picture.


Sunset Reflection

When I look to the forest I see a beautiful sunset with the sky lit up and a reflection of the sunset on a river. The colors of the beautiful sky with the sun going down. The pink, yellow, and orange colors and the time of night was amazing.


The Forest Lurks In Our Home

When I took this picture it reminded me of home . Similar to how I feel when I am in the forest . Our homes are full of wood from the forest from the furniture to the walls so when I see the forest I feel at home.


When The Sun Rises From The Mountain

When I was outside in the wintery snow, I saw in the mountains that the sun was rising from the mountains like from a movie. Also, that I had to take this photo for a great view in the snowy mountains in the morning while the sun is rising.


Leaves in the Sun

When I look to the forest I see life. I was walking one day and happened to have my phone. I saw this beautiful plant and took a cool picture of it . I call it “leaves in the sun” because of the cool feature of the plant when the sun hits it.


Fire in the Sky

When I look to the forest I see a beautiful shining sun. The shining sun brings out the beautiful colors in the cloud. It almost makes the clouds look like they are pink, but at the same time a bit white.


Beauty in a Box

When I look to the forest I see that even in the places you live there is beauty in a box. Flowers that bloom in the summer and spring to make your home a more beautiful place. Life can be happier with with just a little glowth from the floral.


Dusk Over Creation

I was at Bogus Basin and was hunting for elk when I found this beautiful sunset and took a picture. I thought about how good the forest looks and how we can hunt. Also, things live here so I remembered to respect them.


Don’t Forget to Look Up

We were driving back from Salmon, Idaho and I saw a raccoon run up a tree. I was surprised and had to make him look at me, so I made a noise and he looked over. I held the button and took forty pictures in order to get just the right one.


Frosty Trees

When I look to the forest I can see all the trees and mountains. The big lake in the back is dangerous, but beautiful. The smell of the frosty trees is like pine on a winter night. The frost on the trees is like sugar on warm blueberry pancakes.


Leaves in the blue

I love the gusts of wind bursting onto the leaves making them look extraordinary.
Extraordinary to the wind and extraordinary to the earth. The Earth is full of beauty nature is beauty. This picture was taken in front of my house.


Stream of Color

When I look to the forest, I see a little stream running like a horse through a forest that has the most magnificent colors and many trees. That is what I see when I look to the forest.


Front Yard Nightmare

This picture I took while I was walking to the bus stop. I turned around to talk and saw this tree. When I look to the forest this is what I see. I loved how the branches looked, it was so scary, it was almost beautiful.


The Phenomenal Forest

When I look to the forest I see magical world. To me the forest is a place to forget the things we deal with, and have an ecstatic experience.
The forest is a place where things look like the Mona Lisa, and feel like a super bowl win. Go Packers!!!


The View

I look out the window on this cloudy day. I see the beautiful view town of middleton and the mountains. I look at the trees and further at the beautiful sight.


Caption: Whispers of the forest

When I look to the Forest I see endless trees, raging rivers, and the endless array of colors and sounds. When I look to the forest of think of a happy place where you hear the water rush over the rocks and the wind whisper to the trees.


On top of the world

When I look into the forest I see beautiful trees. I see giant mountains. I see gorgeous views. When I look to the forest I see all these things.



When I look to the forest I see the Evergreen that represents freedom as it fights to live through extreme heat and freezing temperatures. It’s resilient as everything around it lays dormant. The flag represents freedom for those who fight to live.


Bonfire rivers

When I look out into the forest I see the sunset of many bonfires burning, many rivers raging down the waters bay. So many waterfalls in the background raging down crashing into each other with great fury. Even with the calm river it is still alive a


Nature's Beauty

When I look to the forest, I see trees, lakes, and flowers. I took this picture when I was walking in the neighborhood and I saw the sun shining off of the pond and the beautiful tree standing there.


sundown at the duck joint

You know your in the country when you find yourself standing in the middle of a freshly plowed corn field surrounded by the sound of hungry ducks. Smelling the earth raw and clean. Staring directly at the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen.


Somewhere Over the Bridge.

When I took this picture, the first thing I saw was the river flowing fast. The bridge walking across the water. Rocks sitting on the riverbank waiting to be skipped. People fishing and having loads of fun. When I look to the forest, I see happiness.


The Line

When I look to the Forest I see life, beauty and happiness. The beauty of the warm flowing trees and the light pastel vanilla sky. The soft growing branches of the tree overhead and the fuzzy feeling you get when you look to the line.


Winter Quickly Takes Over

When I look to the forest I see the green pine needles covered in soft, white snow. The wild shrubs are now a blank space and the once singing birds are now silent. Winter quickly takes over.


Sea of Clouds

When I look to the forest I see a sea of clouds. Every time I go skiing I love to look at the view. I look at the long mountain ranges and just love how far the forest goes. This why I love the forest.


Winter Chills

When I look to the forest I see trees growing up to the sky. The sun is trying to break free from the trees cold grasp. Trying to block out the sun's warmth once and for all. To plunge to the earth into darkness.


Raging Water

When I look into the forest I never know what I will find. Raging water rushing down the cliff, knocking everything in its path, gushing down to the ravine, bubbling and foaming when it hits. I am distracted then I finally see the rainbow.



When I look to the forest I see seas of green, red roses too. I see them bloom. So nice to see ice go away, until next year to reappear.


It’s a Sunny Day!

You look to the forest, you see trees right? Of course, it’s a forest. I took this picture when I was at my parents work. I was walking around and felt warm and safe in the trees with the sun out.


the first ascent

When I look to the tree line on Mt. Borah I see the brave trees making the first ascent on the mountain. This reminds me we came from brave settlers and that we should follow our ancestors, keep our pilgrimage, and keep climbing.


Wonders of the River

Oh river what do I see? Your water shining upon us is a reflection to another world. A world full of wonders and harmony. As we look at the reflection of ourselves in the river, we realize what it's like to be one of the many wonders of the river.



This picture reminded me of how harsh winter can be for little plants like this one. It can also be interesting because of how different the colors can be. After the plant loses it´s leaves it has multiple colors.


Frosty Morning in Cascade Idaho

I chose this picture because to me it is not just a frosty bush in the early morning, to me it means that there is nature all around me. I love the way the picture looks like ice crystals or rock candy.


The alluring pines

When I look to the forest,
it is filled with pines,
big and small,
short and tall,
but none of them,
are as alluring,
as the ones this small one.


Autumn So Quickly Fallen

When I look to the forest, I see more than a quiet stillness. It’s amazing how fast vibrant greens can quickly warp into deep reds and shallow browns. The air was so clear and crisp, it felt like I was walking on clouds with all the trees around.


Lost in Frost

I had just arrived at my cabin and it had just started to snow. The air was filled with the smell of pine and the trees were filled with frost. The frosty trees and the huge snowflakes was a perfect picture. This reminds me of look to the forest.


On The Road Again

On the road again I see nothing that used to be. The trees a little thinner, the sun a little brighter. Sage brush that used to be strong and tall., now is nothing at all. On the road again I see nothing that used to be.


Winter Tree Tops

It was a cold, cloudy, and rainy afternoon in December when I was walking around with my puppy. I then found these tall birch trees towering over me as I looked at them. Staring up I saw bare wood and bark with no leaves.


Fallen Snow

Nature has its own way for showing beauty. Snowy mountains is what I think of when someone says forest. The fresh smell of the newly fallen snow on a early morning. Looking out on the mountains thinking wow nature is amazing.


True survival

This is to the theme because it is trees trying to survive the cold hard winter. It shows us that if trees can survive the cold humans can to.


Snow On My Trunk

When I think of forests I think of trees, and that is the main part of my picture. When I took this picture my eyes lit up, it was so gorgeous. The snow on the green, pine trunk with one dark cloudy sky made it pretty. The forest is my green palace.


You looking at me

This photo relates to the contest theme Look to the Forest because it was showing me that it is a sign of spring and that spring is coming to Idaho soon.


Winter Wonderland

My interpretation of how my photo relates to the contest theme, Look to the Forest, is that I looked to the forest's in Idaho to help represent the purity and beauty of nature.


Healthy green life amidst winters icy breath.

The healthy green bush with droplets of melted snow showed that even in winter's gloom, there is life. It reminded me that we must all do our part to preserve the delicate balance of nature.


Sunlight in the Forest

This photo shows the forest untouched by man. When you look to the forest, you can see nature as it was before humans came along. This photo shows nature just how it is-wild and free.


High Mountain Lake

Mountain lakes like these are some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and the forest makes that possible. Trees prevent erosion, and preserve the lake's reflecting property.

Grades 9 - 10

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The Circle of Life

Seeds fall from the pine cones to grow the trees of the forest, and the flowers represent how the forest springs forward every year and grows. This photo as a whole represents the cycle of life in the forest.


Hiking Near Heise

I look to the forest for adventure and exercise. While hiking with some friends, I took this picture when we reached the top!


Quite the Spectacle

This photo is a more literal interpretation of the theme, bringing the "forest" into focus.


The Quest for the Perfect Christmas Tree has begun!

My family and I prepare to search for a Christmas tree worthy enough to serve its purpose for the season. These crossroads are included in order to show the amount of adventure that may lay to their sides as our search through the forest continues.


Colorless Existence

This photo was taken at the end of school in the 2017-2018 year. The middle school went to a park where PE takes place. I took the photo in color, but my photography teacher said it would look great as a black and white photo. He was right.



I took this photo last year during the last day of school, and I absolutely love how it turned out. I have a passion in photography and rarely get to use actual cameras, so it was nice to finally use one.


Peeking Through

One of the things I enjoy about nature is that even leaves can be beautiful. I was taking a walk around my neighborhood when I came upon the leaves of a tree and the sun peaking between the leaves. There is a beauty to the sun peeking out.


Adventure Time & Summer Time

In my opinion i think the forest is what ever outdoor nature you can find, it relates because you can find SO many things in the forest. This is my statement on how this fits into the the theme, "Look To The Forest"


Opening the Eyes of the Next Generation

The girls her head out the window enjoying the fresh air, represents how kids need to focus on the world around them. The sun shining through the Boise National Forest Trees connects to the theme of the little girl "looking into the Forest,"


Playground In Nature

My inspiration came when I noticed that my little brother was playing outside. I tried to capture the feeling of playing in nature. Children can enjoy the simplicity of climbing trees or experience the joy of being surrounded by Idaho's beauty.


The Beauty Beyond

Being in the forest you get to see the wonders of the forest and the skies above you. You can listen to the calmness of the birds, and moving of the branches. I chose this photo because it amazingly represents the beauty I see in the forest.



Going on walks outside, alone is something I’ve loved doing for years. Often when people spend time outside or in a forest, they reflect on life. In representation of that, this photo shows the reflection of a tree and sunset in a large window.


Touch of Fall

A touch of red in a sea of green is just the beginning of autumn's tiny details. The autumn touch can be found anywhere in Idaho's vast forests just waiting to be found.


Vacation Destination

When I look to the forest I think of my recent adventure snowboarding with my mom. Snowboarding up at Bogus basin provides the most beautiful views and fresh crisp air that awakens my senses. This is our favorite vacation destination.


Sky on Fire

Although this picture wasn’t taken in the forest, it captures the surrounding area of our school. Even though the sky wasn’t really on fire, we are treated to the most beautiful sunrises in the mornings.


Cascade Lake

My family takes a trip to Cascade every summer and I always admire the beauty of the lake and the vast green mountains in the background. I love this picture because it shows the beautiful shore as well as the lush trees on the mountains behind it.


Knock on Wood

I can’t help but admire the tree’s green needles and moss hanging from the countless branches and the sun beaming through the twigs making all of the tree’s vibrant colors pop. I chose this picture because I think it perfectly represents that beauty.


Afternoon Delight

One of the things I enjoy most about Sunday afternoons, is the long walks I take with my dad taking in Idaho’s fresh air, scenery and reconnecting with nature after a busy week. When I look to the forest it gives me a sense of peace.


A New Perspective

The breeze blowing through my hair, the shuffling of leaves blowing around me, and the world seeming just a little bit smaller. When I hear the words “Looking the Forest”, I think of tree climbing and admiring everything from a different perspective.


Above the World

Just as the robin in this photo is looking to the forest for his food source, he shows us how we can “look to the forest” for adventure and solitude.


Rays of Big Trinity

Sun Rays leaking through a partly cloudy sky reflect onto Big Trinity’s mirror like lake, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to go and explore. Trinity Lakes are one of my family’s favorite places to camo, hike and kayak during the summer.


Rebirth of Trinity Lakes

An elevated view of beautiful Trinity lakes showing new growth and lush green trees after an unfortunate fire passed through the previous year. Standing from above the lake is beckoning swimmers and kayakers alike to come and partake of the beauty.


Early Morning Light

Emerging in the early morning hours from my tent, I captured the sun peeping through the leaves of the local foliage at Silver Creek. The warmth of the sun on my face brought excitement of the adventures to be had that day.


There's Snow Place Like Idaho

Gazing out over Bogus Basin, I took in the beauty of the fresh blanket of snow on the trees set against the bluebird sky, and the abstract patterns left on the mountainside by skiers. This site, which never gets old, takes my breath away.


Winter's Pine

In winter the trees are beautifully covered in snow. When you take a closer look you see something more that you may not have noticed. The cluster of pine cones are lightly coverd in snow making them look like as if they were sprinkled in sugar.


Frozen Breeze

A frozen tree on the top of Bogus Basin, with icicles facing to the side due to wind.


Quake View

This photo takes the viewers eyes from a beautiful quake tree to pine trees in the valley.

Grades 11 - 12

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New Growth

It shows the theme because everything is melting and a small stream is going through the forest


Shining Beauty

When I think of the forest, I think of enveloping myself in it’s beauty. Feeling the warm rays of sun beating down on me as I watch the vibrant evergreens sway in the breeze. Knowing that its beauty could never fade or be diminished.


Sunnyside Ruins

When looking at the forest, one sees power. No matter the force of man, the forest will overcome all if given time to heal itself. Even buildings of stone and steel give way to growth over time. I look to the forest for inspiration for strength.


Sharing the View

The subject in the picture is standing with the trees underneath the night sky sharing the view of the forest and the world beyond as the forest sees it. Looking to the forest for a new perspective of beauty offered by nature only in the the forest.


Quietly Watching

The subject is a passive watcher viewing the forest come alive beneath the night sky. Looking to the forest to find the inherent beauty that all to often goes unnoticed.


Mysteries of Winter

A mystery that remains undiscovered unless you look into the Forest


Looking into the heart of the moon

This photo is a very special photo it is of the moon at its brightest on Lake Pend Orielle with the Statue of Liberty in it.


A Beautiful Fall Day

As you walk through the wilderness there is always that one spot that you fall in love with. This part of the forest is my spot that I fell in love with. I love the colors and the creek that flows through, making it calm and peaceful.


The Grasp of Nature

A small cat skull sat hushed of the ground where I had the idea to place it within nature. It’s a reminder that while nature brings life, it can’t escape the foreseeable grasp of death. Nature brings death, but the deaths of nature give back to life.


walking into the woods

I feel the trees and nature surrounding out in the nature of McCall really represents the contest theme look to the forest.


Just Around the Bend

Fog in the forest can disguise its beauty until you move a little closer. When I look to the forest, I unmask its beauty step by step as I follow a trail through wild flowers and aromatic trees. I wonder what marvelous sight is just around the bend.


New Life

On a hike up to Heart Lake when the earth had begun to heal from the last forest fire, my group and I encountered a small clearing of new, resilient growth. It was breathtaking to see the life springing up from the charred remains of former glory.


The Path Untraveled

To me this photo is the definition of adventure. We forged ahead into the forest despite the fact that the path had been washed away and blocked by fallen trees. Determined to finish our trek and not quit what we had begun, we found our own trail.


Peeking from Behind

Trees are often taken for granted; tangled branches covered with colorful leaves provide much needed shade during summer months with just enough sun peeking through to warm the wings of a dragonfly.


Lucky Peak

Boise is known as the "city of trees" and whenever I drive out towards lucky peak I notice all these trees and these particular words always stick out to me as I pass by reminding me to enjoy nature and look at it closely.


Seeing Blind

This photo shows what we see in the forest. However, this scene would not exist without the things we don’t see under the water or beneath the ground. Looking into the forest means seeing its beauty without forgetting what creates it.


Super Natural

It begins with teamwork. The soil is nutritious, the sun is bright, and the river is full. The product of this wonderful phenomenon is called a forest. This forest is where we see individual parts work together to form a masterpiece.


Growing in nature

It's a puppy growing in the forest



This Photo relates to the theme of look to the forest because, my friend is looking out over the forest. She is enjoying the peace and solitude of the forest. This photo was taken from the top of a little cliff we hiked up.


Idaho sunset

The trees