Jobs in Idaho’s forest sector pay well

And fuel Idaho’s economy

There are about 15,800 jobs directly related to forest management, harvest operations and wood, paper and furniture manufacturing.  Another 13,300 jobs support the industry. Combined, the forest sector provides more than $1 billion in income for Idahoans.


How Much Do Forest Jobs Pay?

The average annual salary for a job in Idaho’s forest sector is more than $60,000 compared to the all-industry average of more than $58,000. What a person earns in a profession depends on:

  • Education level – high school, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate. (Most entry requirements are a high school diploma or GED.)
  • Location and setting of the work — private sector, university or government agency as well as urban/rural geographical location
  • Experience – years a person has worked, on the job training and range of activities
  • Level of Job Responsibility – technician, supervisor, specialist, owner, etc.
  • Performance and Reliability — how well one performs in a job, strong reference from colleagues and supervisors, commitment to safety

Salaries are usually lower at the beginning of one’s career, but will likely increase over time with strong performance, training and experience. Some jobs offer production or safety bonuses, incentives and overtime.

Watch a video about the good-paying jobs in the forest industry.