A tree of life

Every part of a tree has a special purpose

Trees are living things that are constantly moving through some part of their life cycle. From the bark and needles on the outside to the heartwood and phloem on the inside, every part of a tree has a specific purpose and plays an important role in the tree’s life cycle.

IFPC How Trees Work Poster

Click the image, How Trees Work, to learn about the intricate layers of a tree and how forests and forest management works.

Blueprint of a Miracle poster

Click the image, Blueprint of a Miracle, to learn the parts of a tree and each part’s important functions.

FOREST FACT: Tree growth rates vary by tree species, tree age and the amount of sunlight, moisture and nutrients a tree receives.

Click here to watch a 3-minute video about tree biology.

tree cookies

Click here to see how cross sections, or tree “cookies,” tell the tree’s life story.