The Idaho Forest Practices Act regulates forest management

Timber harvests must comply with environmental regulations

The people who work in Idaho’s woods understand the importance of protecting forests for the future. They are committed to harvesting in an environmentally responsible manner. That’s why the states forestry companies supported the creation of the 1974 Idaho Forest Practices Act, a state law that regulates forestland management.


The Idaho Forest Practices Act ensures good stewardship of Idaho’s forests by requiring compliance with strict environmental standards that include reforestation after harvest as well as protection of water quality and wildlife habitat. All timber harvest activities within the state must comply with specific environmental regulations. The Idaho Department of Lands enforces the law and continually monitors forest activities for compliance.

Moreover every four years an independent team audits and recommends continuous improvement of standards. While there are harsh penalties for breaking the law, official ongoing reviews of harvest activities have found few violations.

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