Jobs in Idaho forests today and in the future

Thousands of jobs and millions in income

The forest products sector in Idaho provides a myriad of jobs in the forest, at the mill, in the office and in related businesses. Whether the job is a certified tree farmer, international sales representative, material handler, machinist, mechanic, millwright, heavy equipment operator or human resource professional, the forest provides thousands of jobs and millions in income in Idaho.


The future holds tremendous potential and opportunities for Idaho’s 21 million acres of forestland. Innovations and technical advances continue to grow and diversify the fields of forestry and forest products. Industry analysis through 2020 project employment opportunities and growth in the forest sector. Global demand for wood products is rising. In addition, a wave of retirements in the forest sector is expected over the next decade, opening up many more jobs.

FOREST FACT: Wages in Idaho’s forest sector are substantially higher than other industries and well above the state’s average.