Download or order these excellent materials about Idaho’s forests 

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Trees of Idaho 

An IFPC/USDA Forest Service downloadable PDF. (free)

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IFPC – Look to the Forest Poster

Look to the Forest Poster

A 2-sided poster, one side features Idaho conifers, the other side invites exploration of the many benefits provided by working forests.

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Blueprint of a Miracle poster

How Trees Work Poster

An illustrated poster with “Blueprint of a Miracle” on one side and “How Trees Work” on the other (free)

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IFPC How Trees Work Poster

IFPC – Northwest Native Conifer Poster

Northwest Native Conifer Poster

A beautiful color illustrated poster of 32 conifers (for sale)

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IFPC Western White Pine Poster

Western White Pine Poster

An illustrated poster with narrative about Idaho’s state tree (for sale)

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