Other great sources for information

From state agencies and universities

There are other great sources for information about Idaho’s forests to explore from state institutions such as Idaho Department of Lands and the University of Idaho.  

University of Idaho Experimental Forest - The University of Idaho Experimental Forest provides a working forest classroom in which students can work and learn. 

US Forest Service Experimental Forests - To help us understand our forests  the U.S. Forest Service created a network of experimental forests. 

Idaho Forest Action Plan - From the Idaho Department of Lands

Idaho “Big Tree” Program - The Idaho Big Tree Program is part of a national program to locate, measure, and recognize the largest individual tree of each species in Idaho. 

Idaho's Champion Big Tree List - A list of Idaho's Champion Big Trees. 

Idaho at a Glance: Idaho Family Forest Owners: This booklet outlines the results of a survey about family owned forests in Idaho.  

Understanding Eastside Forests: This colorfully illustrated publication from the Oregon Forest Resource Institute covers the geology and ecology, major forest types, characteristics of selected trees, disturbance and change, and management of forests east of the Cascades.