Welcome to Idaho’s forests

Take a tour! 

Every year, the Idaho Forest Products Commission hosts tours of Idaho’s working forests,  visiting multiple locations in northern Idaho where people grow, protect, manage and make incredible products from this precious resource.  Idaho’s working forests are truly a miracle at work!  Watch this 3 minute video of the 2019 Miracle at Work Forest Tour. 

Watch Idaho’s Working Forests


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Pick any topic below to learn more about Idaho’s forests and the people who work hard to provide a continuous supply of reliable and reusable wood products from Idaho’s hard working and sustainable forests.

Welcome to Idaho’s forests!

Learn about the 21.5 million acres of forest lands in Idaho. GO!

What is a working forest? 

Learn how forest professionals manage Idaho’s timberlands now and for generations to come. GO NOW!

Can you go a day without using a forest product?

From toilet and office paper, to the wood in your home or office, wood is a part of our everyday lives. GO NOW!

Who are Idaho’s forest products manufacturers?

There are nearly 300 forest products manufacturers in Idaho!  Check out the Idaho Wood Products Directory. GO NOW!

What laws protect our forests?

Learn about the laws that protect Idaho’s forests before, during and after harvest. GO NOW!

How does the forest sector impact climate change?

Learn how forests and the products that come from the forest impact climate change. GO NOW!

How does the forest industry impact Idaho’s economy?

Idaho ‘s forest sector pumps billions into the economy and provides more than 30,000 jobs. GO NOW!

Manage, harvest, plant, repeat!

Learn how forests are renewed.  For every tree harvested in Idaho, seven more are growing for the future!  GO NOW!

Want to dig deeper into Idaho’s forests and the forest products industry?

We’ve got much more to offer!  Learn more about Idaho’s forests including the types of trees that grow in them and the forest lifecycle; who owns Idaho’s forests; the environmental benefits of our forests; how our professional foresters protect wildlife habitat; the threats to the forest (like fire, insects and disease); forest sustainability; why wood is the ultimate green product; employment, jobs and careers in the forest industry; and the history of Idaho forests. GO NOW!