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Idaho forests are where we work and play

Idaho has 21.5 million acres of forest land spanning from the Canadian border to the southern edge of the state. Trees thrive in the cool, moist climate of northern Idaho, the drier, warmer climate of central Idaho and the temperate arid climate of southern Idaho. Idaho forests contribute beauty, ecology, economy and culture to our state.


FOREST FACT: 40% of Idaho is covered in trees.

FOREST FACT: 89.6 percent of the land in Idaho that was covered by forest in 1630 is still forest land today.

Rankings based on acres:

•  Idaho ranks 10th in forestland

 • Idaho ranks 12th in timberland

 • Idaho ranks 5th in wilderness

FOREST FACT: Forests cover 85,557 square miles – about 21.5 million acres. That’s larger than the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island combined!

Explore the topics in this section to learn about the trees of Idaho, what trees grow where, what are the major forest types, the difference between timberlands and forestlands, explore other great links to find out more from state and national organizations and check out our related resources, which includes booklets and posters that you can order or download.