Wood: Renewable and versatile

Idaho’s forestry professionals respect the resource they work with

Idaho’s forestry professionals respect the resource they work with. In fact, once a log reaches a mill, there is virtually no waste. Lumber produced at a sawmill can be remanufactured into higher value products such as windows, doors or engineered wood products like trusses and beams. ¬†Logs can be peeled and used for plywood and veneer or shaped to create fence posts, power poles and railroad ties. Smaller trees are often chipped to make particleboard. Even the waste from a sawmill is valuable, the sawdust, shavings and wood chips are used to make paper as well as livestock bedding, landscape bark and as an energy source.

Products From Idaho

  • Lumber and other structural building products such as dimensional lumber, solid beams, laminated beams, shingles, joists, laminated veneer lumber, finger-jointed lumber and engineered wood products.
  • Millwork used for doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, siding, flooring, moldings, fencing, shipping pallets.
  • Panel products such as plywood, particleboard and hardboard.
  • Posts, poles and timbers such as utility poles, house logs, fence posts, pilings, treated timbers, cross-arms and railroad ties.
  • Wood composite products such as siding, roofing, medium-density fiberboard and molding.
  • Pulp and paper products from wood fiber including packaging for food and products, newsprint, bathroom and facial tissue and paper toweling.