An ancient energy source

Using woody biomass has many benefits for Idaho

Wood an ancient energy source is garnering new attention. Mills have always been efficient users of the sawdust and chips created from their operations by burning them to create energy for the mill.  Now even the small trees, limbs, and tops are being used as “biomass energy” for schools and residences. As dense forests are thinned and beetle killed trees are logged, the wood can be used for energy production, thus reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Woody Biomass is a triple win:

  1. Restore forest health, fire resilience and wildlife habitat
  2. Help meet Idaho’s energy needs with a renewable resource
  3. Provide jobs and help revitalize rural economies

FOREST FACT:  It’s estimated that 8 million acres of Idaho’s forestlands need thinning and could provide woody biomass.


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