Arbor Day is Friday, April 26, 2024

Every Year, Millions Of Trees Are Planted To Renew Idaho’s Forests

In Idaho, we celebrate Arbor Day on the last Friday in April each year. This year, Arbor Day is Friday, April 26th. 

Trees are Idaho’s great renewable resource that can be sustainably managed for the future.  This Arbor Day, we hope you will look to Idaho’s forests for all the things they contribute to our state and our way of life.  

From the trees in our back yard and in our local and state parks, to the private, state and federal forests that cover 40 percent of our state — trees and forests make our lives in Idaho better.

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Come celebrate Arbor Day with us!

Our annual celebration of Arbor Day is coming  Friday, April 26 at the Idaho History Museum located in Boise’s Julia Davis Park. We will celebrate all things trees, including the winners of the 2024 youth photo contest. 

In the meantime, get ready for Arbor Day!

What can you do to celebrate Arbor Day this year?  A lot!


Idaho’s Forest Products Industry

Idaho’s past and future is tied to the millions of acres of forests that cover the state

These forests are Idaho’s legacy. They contribute to our state and our way of life. We all benefit from the wood and paper products, clean water, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities Idaho’s forests provide. In the future, we’ll look to our forests for even more: clean energy, new products, carbon storage, good jobs and a healthy environment. The challenge will be to keep our legacy healthy and productive through active forest management.

Harvesting trees is an important part of forest management.


Did you know? 

Trees are the earth’s oldest living organisms

They improve air and water quality; reduce heating and cooling costs; provide a cool and beautiful place to live, work and play; are a renewable source of fuel, shelter, food and other products and provide benefits that directly affect the economic, environmental and social health of Idaho’s people and the communities where they live.


One reason we harvest trees is that we all use forest products. Each year the average American uses the equivalent of a tree about 100’ tall and 18” in diameter. It’s a good thing that trees are growing every day and nearly 100% of a tree can be used to make wood and other forest products.


Forest Fact:  In Idaho, for every tree harvested, seven are growing for the future.

Trees touch our lives every day!

More than 5,000 products come from trees 


Some products from trees are obvious like the wood used to build our homes and furniture, or the paper in our books, bags, milk cartons, boxes and tissues. Other forest products aren’t so easily recognized. Chemicals and other materials from trees are key ingredients in paint, varnish, adhesives, asphalt, artificial vanilla flavoring, cereals, chewing gum, hair spray, mouthwash, soaps and shampoos, tires and many, many other things — even toothpaste.

Every American uses over a ton of wood each year!  Click here to learn more about the “Stuff We Get From Trees”.


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