Good Things Happen When You Plant a Tree

Trees are a miracle at work

Trees are the earth’s oldest living organisms. They improve air and water quality; reduce heating and cooling costs; provide a cool and beautiful place to live, work and play; are a renewable source of fuel, shelter, food and other products and provide benefits that directly affect the economic, environmental and social health of Idaho’s people and the communities where they live.

One reason we harvest trees is that we all use forest products. Each year the average American uses the equivalent of a tree about 100’ tall and 18” in diameter. It’s a good thing that trees are growing every day and nearly 100% of a tree can be used to make wood and other forest products.

Has a Tree Touched Your Life Today?

Did you know there are more than 5,000 products that come from trees? Some are obvious, like the wood used to build our homes and furniture, or the paper in our books, bags, milk cartons, boxes and tissues. Other forest products aren’t so easily recognized. Chemicals and other materials from trees are key ingredients in paint, varnish, adhesives, asphalt, artificial vanilla flavoring, cereals, chewing gum, hair spray, mouthwash, soaps and shampoos, tires and many, many other things — even toothpaste.

Forest Fact:  Every American uses over a ton of wood each year!

How many times will a tree touch your life today?

There’s Nothing Like Idaho Forests!

FORESTS ARE SUSTAINABLE. Forests can be used and managed to meet our environmental, economic and social needs today while leaving the forests in a condition that allows future generations to meet their own needs. All Idaho forestland owners must comply with state and federal environmental laws that protect forest resources. Many forest owners also enroll in a voluntary certification system which provides consumers with a third-party verification of sustainable management practices.

FORESTS ARE RENEWABLE. A renewable resource is a natural resource that can be re-grown, re-made or re-generated. When trees die or are harvested, others can be grown for the future. In Idaho, state law requires that a healthy, robust forest be quickly re-established following harvest.

FORESTS ARE DYNAMIC. Like people, trees are living things that are constantly moving through some part of their life cycle. Forests are dynamic and can never stay the same over time.


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